A common condition that many patients presenting with chronic sinusitis have is nasal polyps. The name can sometimes cause concern for patients, especially if surgery is recommended. Many patients will ask, “Are nasal polyps serious?”

In most cases, nasal polyps are totally harmless and benign. While they can grow or multiply and cause problems, they are rarely every cancerous cause for much larger concern. Often, for those with non-obstructive polyps, Dr. Santos may recommend not major treatments. If they are mildly obstructing, a nose spray designed to shrink them may be utilized.

Sometimes, nasal polyps can grow large enough or include severe polyps where it obstructs the nasal passages or sinuses. This can cause issues with chronic sinusitis or recurrent infections. This is when surgery may be warranted. However, the surgery is non-invasive and comes with little downtime.

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