Sinus surgery has become significantly less invasive in the last few decades. Other surgeries that have followed a similar path, can now safely be performed under local anesthesia for many patients. A few examples include facelift surgery, wisdom teeth removal, and even certain types of biopsies. So, considering that sinus surgery is less invasive, are you put asleep for sinus surgery?

In most cases, yes, general anesthesia is still administered for most sinus surgeries. While less invasive, it can be somewhat uncomfortable at times. Additionally, due to the precision needed to perform the surgery without external incisions, it is best if a patient remains still. While local anesthesia does relax patients, they are more likely to move. This can be dangerous or inconvenient during sinus surgery.

Occasionally, small or quick procedures may be performed under local anesthesia or IV sedation, which is milder than full general anesthesia. If this is the case, Dr. Santos will discuss this with you before surgery.

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