Can Stress Cause Sinus Problems?

Stress, especially poorly managed stress, is known to cause a variety of health problems. While most people know that stress can worsen just about any medical condition or infection, many do not realize the extent to which stress can impact their bodies and health. When patients come in with sinus problems, they sometimes ask, “Can stress cause sinus problems?”

In a technical sense, stress itself does not cause sinus problems. However, it can leave your body susceptible to infections, including sinus infections. If you have an existing infection or other sinus issues, stress can also worsen these symptoms or infections. Therefore, managing stress is important for fighting any infection and reducing symptoms overall.

Additionally, sinus issues, especially chronic ones, can cause stress due to uncomfortable symptoms. Treating your sinus symptoms and seeking out the professional care of an otolaryngologist if necessary can help improve both your stress and sinus problems. 

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