A deviated septum is an anatomical feature where the column of cartilage (and occasionally bone) is more to one side than the other. Sometimes this deviation is slight and nearly unnoticeable. In other cases, it may be visible from the outside of the nose. Since the condition is benign and often goes undiagnosed, patients often ask, “Is fixing a deviated septum worth it?”

In truth, it depends. For patients where their deviated septum is causing breathing issues, allergies, chronic sinusitis, or other problems, it is certainly worth addressing. Surgically correcting a deviated septum can often relieve many symptoms associated with the aforementioned conditions (and sometimes alleviate them together).

Another situation where a patient may find fixing their deviated septum worth it is in the case of an injury. Sometimes, a patient may acquire a deviated septum due to an injury. In these cases, the septum deviation often causes both cosmetic and medical issues. These patients frequently seek a surgical solution. 

If your deviated septum is slight and not bothersome, it may not be worth undergoing corrective surgery. This is best discussed during a consultation with Dr. Santos. To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-242-3696. You can also reach out online via our contact form.