Chronic sinusitis–while it does not have a perfectly set definition–is generally accepted to be sinusitis symptoms that last more than twelve weeks. When this occurs, most patients have undergone treatment for both viral and bacterial sinusitis and likely been screened for fungal sinusitis. However, if symptoms continue past twelve weeks and usually do not respond to initial treatment, this is considered chronic sinusitis and will likely further treatment. Patients often want to know, “Will chronic sinusitis go away on its own?”


While it is not impossible for chronic sinusitis to simply go away on its own, it is unlikely. Usually, chronic sinusitis has an underlying cause such as a deviated septum, asthma, or autoimmune disorder that requires treatment. Adequate treatment of these conditions along with ongoing management of symptoms may treat chronic sinusitis.


In some cases, when chronic sinusitis becomes too troublesome and interferes with a patient’s life too much, Dr. Santos may recommend sinus surgery to clear and drain the sinuses manually. This is often the most effective treatment for chronic sinusitis that does have an identifiable cause (or a cause that requires surgery) and does not respond to management strategies. 


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