Septoplasty surgery is a procedure associated with both otolaryngology and plastic surgery. Often part of a larger surgery such as a rhinoplasty, a septoplasty corrects the position of the columella and internal structures to create more even airways. While it is often part of another surgery, it can be performed on its own. So, let’s look at the question, “Does septoplasty improve quality of life?”

In most cases, septoplasty surgery is performed to improve quality of life. People with a deviated septum may have problems breathing, especially during exercise or while sleeping. This can contribute to or worsen conditions such as asthma and sleep apnea. Correcting the deviated septum can help alleviate these symptoms and improve breathing overall.

Even if a deviated septum surgery is corrected in someone without symptoms, it can have benefits later on in life, or improve problems that the patient may not have realized were related. Still, septoplasty is usually only considered in patients who experience symptoms and have not found relief from other treatments and remedies.

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